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in/word/out video
 A Film by Robert Borgatti & Paul Lamont

 Featuring: Gerald Locklin, Lyn Lifshin,
 Michael Basinski, Jeff Filipski, and Health & Beauty

  58 min.     $19.95 (DVD)
Combining interviews, performances, and short vignettes, this 58-minute documentary takes a personal look at five contemporary performance poets who work outside the confines of polite mainstream poetry.
Everyday issues are explored in ways which are thought-provoking— sometimes humorous or shocking—but always accessible.  
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"This is not poetry as usual, but poetry as performance and celebrates language and its expression in unconventional ways."
—Library Journal

Lyn Lifshin
Michael Basinski

Winner of the Silver Plaque Award Intercom Film & Video Festival, Chicago, IL and the Bronze Telly Award, Annual Telly Awards Competition, Cincinnati, OH
4x4 Video 6 min.   $10.95(DVD)
A companion piece to in/word/out. Winner of the 1992 Chicago Poetry Video Slam and the San Francisco National Poetry Association Film Festival. Features four vignettes by four poets including Gerald Locklin, Lyn Lifshin, Michael Basinski, and Richard Amidon.
Gerald Locklin and E.R. Baxter

"Priorities" - Michael Basinski

"An Uncool Yul" - Gerald Locklin

"Seven-Year-Old Finds Her Murdered Mother's Naked Body" - Lyn Lifshin